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Genuine feedback from our customers ..

MX5 Owners Club

Just emailed an enquiry about degassing over to Andy here, and was impressed to get a phone call back literally within about 10 minutes. Seems a friendly, customer service focused chap

Saab Owners Club

I have just used Andy of Fontwell for my 9-5 Estate - offered a slot later that morning and arrived bang on time. Very clear explanation about what he was doing and why. Difficult to see what a Main Dealer could have done to better the service - and all for £45.  I think it proves that mobile specialists - who do nothing else than air con in this case - can deliver serious benefits; no loss of car, job done at the time and place of your chosing....and they know what they're doing. Would you get the same knowledge from a Kwik Fit outlet? I doubt it.. I had an aircon problem on my non-SAAB (11 years without re-gas hence no gas) so called up Andy Tingey of Fontwell air conditioning from a websearch. He gave a very prompt next day inexpensive service - £45 for vac, leak test and re-gas without me having to leave home. The SAAB was on the drive and we had a general chat, he seems to know his way round aircon on a variety of marques including SAAB (says a common fault he finds on "GM SAABS" is a failed external temperature sensor which is a cheap fix). Proper kit in his van including a computer thingy which put the right amount of gas in from a list of makes and models, even had my 1998 Citroen listed. So - I will use him again if I need any other air con work doing, and have put him on here as a recommendation. It's Cambridge area but I think his patch is quite large


(Subaru owner) Just used Andy this morning, great service and a nice bloke. Now my car is icy cold
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